Walking Dogs in Rain? 10 Dos and Don’ts

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Daily walks are important to keep your dog physically and mentally stimulated. Dogs love their daily walks but sometimes the weather becomes undesirable.

In this post, we’ll look at some Do’s And Don’ts of walking dogs in rain. Let’s get started!

Should I walk my dog in the rain?

Most dog owners have no issue in walking dogs in rain, as long as it’s done properly. The rain itself won’t cause dogs to get sick. Dogs can easily handle walking in the rain but there are certain risks of taking your dog in the rain.

  • Dogs with a compromised immune system are at high risk of getting sick.
  • Winter rain can put your dog at risk of hypothermia. Wet conditions in cold weather might contribute to pneumonia.
  • Puddles can contain toxic chemicals, bacteria, and parasites. 

As long as you ensure that your dog remains safe and dry while walking in the rain, it shouldn’t have any negative impact on your dog’s health.

5 things to do when walking dogs in the rain

When you walk your dog in the rain, here’s what you should do:

1. Do wrap your dog in weather-appropriate clothing

Always wrap your dog in appropriate clothing and raingear designed to keep your beloved pooch safe and dry. Rain clothing will give them protection against the cold and rain.

  1. Do protect your dog’s paws

While walking dogs in rain, we often forget to protect their paws. Taking care of dog paws is just as crucial as taking care of your own foot health. It’s wise to take a few precautions and protect your dog paws when walking your dog in rain. You can buy rain boots for your fur buddy. Dog rain boots are not just for looks, they provide the ultimate protection from the environment.

  1. Do make your dog more visible

During rainy seasons, visibility reduces significantly and passing motorcyclists can pose danger for your four-legged friends. Raincoats come in bright and vibrant colors and offer a high level of visibility for your dog. Your dog, wearing a raincoat, can be easily spotted by the passing motorists in all weather conditions.  

  1. Do dry your dog

Even with the right gear, your dog is bound to get a little wet. After all, raindrops can bounce up from the ground, and your fur buddy might be walking through some puddles. Try to dry your dog immediately as you return home. The best way to dry your dog quickly and effectively is by using a good pet towel or dog dryer.

  1. Do make your dog comfortable on the leash

When walking a dog in the rain, your fur buddy must be on the leash. Always walk your dog on a comfortable leash that is soft on the hands. Your dog should be relaxed enough to walk on a loose leash.

As a general practice, there should always be six feet of loose leash between you and your pooch. Having a leash that is comfortable and easy to use makes your rain adventures with your dog much more enjoyable!

5 things to avoid when walking dogs in rain

You can take some precautions while walking a dog in the rain. Here are few things you should avoid while walking dogs in rain:

  1. Don’t force your dog

Dogs often sense when bad weather is approaching hours before you even hear the thunder. Some pooches become anxious and dislike going out for a walk in the rain. Don’t force anxious dogs to go out in the rain. It will only make matters worse.

The best thing for fearful dogs is to stay at home and play interactive games with them instead.

  1. Don’t walk on a busy road

Be mindful of the area you want to take your dog on a walk in the rain. Don’t walk your dog on busy roads. If you do need to go on a busy road, you can keep your dog close to your side while walking next to busy roads.

  1. Don’t let your dog go near puddles

Stagnant puddles might contain a variety of bacterial, parasites, and chemical hazards. It can be harmful and even fatal for your dog. Don’t let your dog go near puddles while walking in the rain. There are plenty of dog-friendly places where you can safely take your dog in rain. 

  1. Don’t take a sick dog for a walk in rain

If your dog has a compromised immune system or is sick, it’s better not to take them for a walk in the rain. They may become more sick by walking in the rain.

  1. Don’t take your dog on long walks on rain

Most dogs do not appreciate going for long walks in the rain, especially if the downpour is heavy. You should shorten the duration of the walk depending on how bad the rain is. Always keep your dog’s safety and comfort in mind.

Quick tip for walking in the rain

Make sure your dog is properly identified

Always ensure that your dog is properly identified and wears ID tags whenever you’re walking your dog in rain. You can use a personalized collar with your name and up-to-date phone number.

Another option is to microchip your dog. The microchip is encoded with unique and current identification and is implanted just under the skin of the neck. Your dog can be scanned and anyone can get in touch with you.

Products for walking dogs in rain

It is important to have the right gear when walking dogs in the rain. Most of the dogs are not comfortable going outside in the rainy season. 

Raincoats: Dressing up your fur buddy in raincoats protects them from the adverse effects of rainy weather. The raincoats will keep the dogs dry and prevent rainwater from seeping through their skin. These dog raincoats can reduce the amount of time and effort spent drying off a pooch after a walk.  

Rain boots: Dog rain boots are another option to help keep your dog’s feet and legs from getting wet. These rain boots will provide the extra protection they need to keep their sensitive pads safe and dry. Rain boots will prevent injury and protect dog paws in the rain. However, many dogs usually do not enjoy wearing rain boots.

Reflective leash or harness: Reflective stitching or material is vital for walking a dog in the rain. Luminous reflective stitching offers high visibility and safety. Reflective leash or harness enhances your dog’s visibility and is perfect for walking dogs in rain. 

Dog umbrella: A dog umbrella is an important component of canine rain gear. It will keep your pooch dry in all wet conditions. There are umbrellas that attach to dog’s leashes or harnesses. This ensures that you always have both hands free.

These products will give you peace of mind that your furry pal is safe while walking in rain. You will definitely value it every time you take your dog in the rain for a walk!

Questions about walking dogs in the rain

What to do if my dog doesn’t wear rain boots?

Your dog may not like wearing rain boots in the beginning. However, you can train your pooch to love wearing their rain booties! Just take a gradual approach and give lots of praises and treats for wearing rain boots. It’s best to allow your dog to try the gear on before making your purchase.

What should you look for in raincoats?

Raincoats should be comfortable and waterproof. They should fit easily without being tight. Consider measuring your pooch before purchasing a raincoat for them.

Walking your dog in the rain

Your dog loves spending time with you, but it might take some time to get him to feel comfortable walking in the rain. Have a constant check on your dog’s behavior to ensure that your pooch is not becoming stressed or exhausted.

A daily walk will make your dog happy and healthy. Rain should no longer stop your dog from walking along with you. The right gear for the rainy weather can make all the difference. They’ll really look forward to spending time with you in rainy weather. 

You should also try to wear something supportive and comfortable during the walk in the rain.

Does your fur buddy sniff around while walking in the rain? Do you want to share any tips for walking a dog in the rain? Let us know in the comments.

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